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Breakfast She-raHe-Man and… He-Man and Lion-O VHS

Art by Adam Moore, colors by Andrew Cramer 

My childhood. Does this qualifies as retro?

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aguem me asuda…
num to tonseguingo

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Coffee stain portrait by Hong Yi

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Tiny winged robots — This photograph provided May 6, 2013 courtesy of Harvard University  shows miniature winged robots inspired by flies that could one day help pollinate crops or aid the search for survivors at collapse sites — once they get off the leash, that is.  The prototypes by researchers at Harvard University weigh 80 milligrams and have managed short controlled flights by flapping their mechanical wings while still tethered to a tiny power cable, the journal Science said this week.   The coin-sized robots sport two thin wings that flap 120 times per second.   Flight tests have shown they can make basic maneuvers, including hovering in place for about 20 seconds before crashing.    (AFP PHOTO/Courtesy of  Harvard University/Kevin Ma and Pakpong Chirarattananon/Getty Images)

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Maker vs Marker - Jonny Lawrence.

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History of Nintendo

Created by Anthony Veloso

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Nintendo 64, I´m miss you!

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